Areas of Interest

We are open to consider in many kinds of software projects with our partners, however we have special interest
in the areas listed below.

Cloud-based Software as a Service Solutions (SaaS)

Building service organizations to enable Cloud SaaS delivery

Transformation of the established companies to become cloud service native

Building up new cloud-based software solutions

Migration of existing traditional software solution the Cloud

Web & Mobile Solutions

Providing web & mobile solutions including integrated both backend and front-end solutions for both software and non-software companies whose business requires web or mobility.

Perun Digital Factory

Embedded Systems

Supporting our partner in developing software solutions embedded in specially purposed hardware platform starting from microcontrollers up the real time operating systems.


Note: Logical design and verification are out of our scope.

Enterprise Systems

Supporting the partners with needs for the specially purposed software solution
which do not exist on the market with bringing experienced team.