Our Portfolio

Our portfolio is filled with changemakers who create opportunity and better future.

It’s our mission to partner with leaders who challenge the old ways and inspire us to grow.

Digital Factory Advisory

Our Digital Advisory supports our partners in developing new products through 3-stage process.

Product Definition

Market Positioning


Requirements Management

Business Development

Preparation for Factory

Architecture Design

Decomposition to building blocks

Building blocks design

Research & Prototyping

Project Planning

IT Platform Choice

Factory Operations

Role & Responsibilities Definition

Framework Selection

Highly profiled professionals



S&M Services

Software Engineering Services

Our company applies software engineering in the following areas:

System programming (Real-time)


Cyber Security

Cloud Services

Web & Mobile

Data Base

Computer Graphics


Artificial Intelligence

Specially Purposed Software Factory

For our long-term strategic partners, we provide the Specially Purposed Software Factories which combine capabilities from Digital Advisory and Software Engineering Services into the one integrated solution aimed to achieve high level of dedication and focus to our Partners’ businesses in the long-term.

Legally, physically and logically secured R&D environment.

Special talents hiring to achieve long-term stability, high productivity and scalability.

Specially designed and optimized enterprise (Product/Project/Service/Hybrid) organization and processes.

Technically lead, supported and supervised by our management and technical fellows.

Providing all required roles including but not limited to Product Managers, Development Managers, Architects, Software Engineers, Process Owners, Project Managers, Service Owners, IT engineers, etc.

(*) Development of the software solution for hardware platform is part of our portfolio while hardware (logical) design and verification are out of our scope.

(**) All competencies are related to the digital-electronic based hardware (quantum computing is not included).